Working on the ephemeral image of our memories, the
Japanese artist Asako Hishiki represents a poplar forest
with the whispering leaves in the wind.

According to the artist the poplar is a tree very similar to
the Japanese Ginkgo, which, although common in Japan,
is a very poetic tree.

The original work is achieved through the use of more
arrays in wood hand-made, which are subsequently
imprinted on the fabric, thus creating innumerable and
indistinguishable repetitions.

This technique is reminiscent of the traditional dyeing
called "Romagna press". Exclusively for Cabana the artist
has created an original large adaptable to common
domestic walls.

Design by Asako Hishiki

Material PVC on TNT
Weight 235 gr x mq
Panel width 900 mm
Certificate BS2 d0
Custom made wallpaper, please mail us for more information

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